• The Best Life Diet Revised and Updated

    Explains how to lose weight permanently in a resource that complements dietary guidelines with dozens of nutritionally balanced recipes.

  • The UltraSimple Diet

    Offers an accelerated program designed to help readers lose weight quickly and keep it off, in a guide that features menus, exercise routines, and stress reduction techniques.

  • Skinny Bastard

    For every Skinny Bitch, there’s a kick-ass man just as eager to take control of his weight and health. The New York Times bestselling authors now share their tips for turning Dad bods into Skinny Bastards. What’s good for the bitch is good for the bastard. Hundreds of thousands of women have been inspired to […]

  • Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat

    Presents the Japanese approach to diet and nutrition in a guide to good eating that offers recipes with an easy approach to a healthier, slimmer, and longer life, without counting calories or carbohydrates.

  • Eat More, Weigh Less Diet

    Gathers recipes supporting the author’s diet plan which emphasises low-fat vegetarian cuisine and an inverted food pyramid.